Best Restaurants in Coolangatta

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18 Jun, 2024, 11:49 am


restaurants in coolangatta

Coolangatta is a charming town lining the southern end of Gold Coast. However, it isn’t just a gorgeous beach spot; it is a haven for those in search of amazing dining experiences. Whether a short-term visitor or long term resident, exploring the culinary scene here is essential. There is something for everyone here, catering casual catch-cups with chic beachside eateries or hosting sophisticated meals in rooftop bars. Here are some of the best restaurants in Coolangatta that guarantee a delightful nightlife experience. 

Baskk Italian

Baskk Italian Restaurants Coolangatta Nightlife Tours

This beachfront hotspot brings the flavors of Italy to Coolangatta with a coastal chic vibe. If you’re searching for traditional, authentic Italian dining, delicious cocktails and live music showcases, Baskk Italian is the place to be. The ambiance combines sophistication with serenity, making it the perfect spot for both special occasions and casual catch-ups. Enjoy fresh pasta dishes and wood-fired pizzas, finishing off the meal with an indulgent sweet treat and glass of vino. No matter the occasion, Baskk Italian will bring the flavors and the vibes to ensure every meal is a memorable one.

Xenia Grill

Xenia Grill Restaurants Coolangatta Nightlife Tours

If you’re hoping to be transported into a Mediterranean escape, Xenia Grill won’t let you down. This spot seamlessly blends the charm of an authentic greek tavern with the vibrant atmosphere of a beachside restaurant. Traditional dishes including moussaka, souvlaki and a variety of meze plates fill the menu, ensuring everyone will find something they love and enjoy a taste of the Greek islands. Being named after the Greek concept of hospitality, the staff here will make sure you are warmly welcomed, whether you are here for a fun night out or a chill lunch spot. Also offering refreshing ouzo cocktails and live music, this restaurant is a highlight of the Coolangatta dining scene. 

Cooly Breeze

Cooly Breeze Restaurants Coolangatta Nightlife Tours

Cooly Breeze is a gem where the ultimate dining experience meets stunning beachfront views. By focusing on providing locally-sourced ingredients, this rooftop spot offers a menu with a modern twist on Mediterranean cuisine, filled with a variety of seafood, meat, and veggie options. Sip on signature cocktails whilst overlooking the ocean, making it the perfect post-beach restaurant to enjoy the evening. 

The Lume

The Lume Restaurants Coolangatta Nightlife Tours

Wanting a dining experience you won’t forget? Wanting to enjoy excellent food? The Lume will meet all your expectations. Where art and gastronomy come together, this restaurant offers a menu that is as creative as its décor, with dishes that are both visually stunning and delicious. The Lume is known for its innovative approach to traditional recipes, blending different cuisines to create something truly special. Don’t miss their signature cocktails, which are crafted with the same artistic flair as their food.

Clay Cantina

Clay Cantina Restaurants Coolangatta Nightlife Tours

Bienvenidos to Coolangatta’s hidden Mexican treasure trove. This restaurant is renowned for its authentic Mexican cuisine, from tacos to churros, enchiladas to margaritas. Traditional cooking methods and ingredients make sure every dish is filled with flavor and every boozy beverage is as delicious as in the motherland. If you fall in love with this spot like we did, you’re in luck! Clay Cantina offers cooking socials and masterclasses to help you bring the exquisite flavors home. 


Coolangatta’s food scene offers something for everyone, whether you’re in need of some recovery after your Wicked Nightlife Tour, or simply in search of a fabulous meal out with your mates. Be sure to check out these best restaurants in Coolangatta to make the most out of your time on the coast!



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